GyrlSpeed Racing Team Order Info:
Here is some info about the Ordering and Shipping process when you order from GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance. There is also information regarding Returns, Exchanges and Deliveries as well as a small FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to answer some of my regularly asked questions. Please check this section frequently as some info may change without prior notice. If you still have questions, please see the bottom of this page on how to have your question(s) answered.

Order Info:
Orders for Products that GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance keeps in stock are processed and shipped the same day payment is received and has cleared, during normal business hours. Although I am open on Saturdays, I WILL NOT be able to ship anything out UNLESS your order is placed AND your payment is received and has cleared by Friday close of day. Any orders placed after that time will be shipped the following Monday, provided it is not a holiday.

Orders for Products that GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance
DOES NOT keep in stock are processed the same day payment is received during normal business hours. Items NOT kept in stock can take 7 business days to ship. Please do not contact me until AFTER this amount of time to inquire about your order/shipment.

Forms of Payment/Payment Options:
I currently use The PayPal service in order to complete my Online transactions. When you click on the Add To Cart button, you will be taken directly to the shopping cart on the Shop's View Cart page. Here you can update your cart, cancel, pay and complete your order. I decided to use PayPal becuase their service is Secure and Encrypted. At this time, this is the best, quickest and safest way for me to handle your payments and personal information. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can set up one at in order to pay online or still use their service for a one time payment option.

Forms of payment NOT accepted for Online Purchases being Shipped: Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders and C.O.D. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule UNLESS mentioned in the item description.

I am PayPal Verified, which means, you can be rest assured that you are dealing with a legitimate business. You may check the PayPal website at: to see what it means to be verified and how else it pertains to you.

Local Delivery is now available in the following areas: Philadelphia, Jenkintown, Abington, Willow Grove, Plymouth Meeting, Conshohocken and King of Prussia. If you would like local delivery, you must send an email with the item(s) you are interested in. A PayPal Invoice will be sent to you requesting payment PRIOR TO Delivery. Once payment is received an email will be sent to schedule a delivery date and time convenient for you. CURRENTLY ONLY MAKING LOCAL DELIVERIES ON SATURDAYS. Other days can be scheduled at my discretion.

Warranty Info: GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance Products
GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance offers Warranties for Products manufactured by or produced for GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance. This Warranty information can be found on the GSRT Warranty Page.

Warranty Info:
GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance, in part or as a whole DOES NOT offer Warranties of ANY KIND for merchandise NOT manufactured by or for GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance. Any warranty that may be mentioned is one that is offered by the MANUFACTURER ONLY. GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance, in part or as a whole CANNOT honor these warranties. GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance in part or as a whole is NOT responsible for technical failures, malfunctions or providing technical support. You MUST contact the manufacturer to dispute any and ALL warranty claims. Once payment is received and item is shipped, the sale is complete on the part of GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance.

Shipping Info:
I use the following shipping companies* to ship your products purchased DIRECTLY from GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance: USPS (United States Postal Service) UPS (United Parcel Service) or Local Shipping Company. I feel that these are the best shipping companies as they deliver 6 days a week as well as in the accuracy in their delivery systems. I currently do not use any other delivery service. *Please note that some distributors I get my merchandise from may use another shipping service such as FedEx, DHL or a Freight Service.

GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance Branded and In-house products are currently being shipped out once per week on Mondays.

Shipping is based on a Flat Rate and is noted during the purchasing process. This will make it easier so that you know how much it will cost for shipping beforehand instead of after placing an order. My standard shipping rates for USPS, UPS and Local Delivery Service have increased from my previous rates due to USPS, UPS and Local Delivery Services raising their overall prices. Items that cannot fit into this shipping category will still be at a flat rate but at a slightly higher rate.

Depending upon how an item(s) is shipped, once I receive payment and shipping info, I will email you with a Tracking number. This Tracking number will provide you with a way to see where your package is. IF after
21 business days you have not received your order, you must IMMEDIATELY contact me to resolve this matter. Please remember that the longer you wait past the 3 weeks to contact me, the longer it will take to resolve this matter.

GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance in part or as a whole is NOT responsible for HOW, WHEN or WHERE UPS, FedEX, USPS or any other shipping company leaves items that have been purchased. Once payment is received and item is shipped, the sale is complete on the part of GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance.

Returns and Exchanges:
Returns: There are NO Returns.
Exchanges: You must notify me IMMEDIATLEY by Email within 7 DAYS of receiving the item(s) if you wish to Exchange the product. When doing so, you must send photos of the item(s) prior to any exchange being initiated. Once received in NEW CONDITION, a new item wil be sent back out at no charge to you. If the item was installed, you must send photos PRIOR to sending the item back before any exchange will be completed. If the photos show that the item has been damaged by you or the installer, either intentionally or unintentionally, you WILL NOT be able to exchange the item. If an item is shipped back without any correspondence, the item will be shipped back to you and a note added to your account.

ANY and ALL items classified as
OEM, Original Equipment Manufaturer have a 20% restocking fee. There are NO exceptions!

If it turns out that you ordered the incorrect item, you have 7 DAYS of receiving item to contact me if you wish to Exchange the product. Upon doing so, I will contact you with all necessary information in order for you to get the item that you originally wanted. You will still be charged a restocking fee of 20%, and be responsible for return shipping.

Exchanges for Tires: Tires are available for exchange ONLY for defects! You must notify me IMMEDIATLEY by Email within 7 DAYS of receiving the item(s) if you wish to Exchange the product. When doing so, you must send photos of the item(s) prior to any exchange being initiated. Once tires are installed/mounted on wheels, they are considered used and cannot be returned. You must show proof that tires were installed at a professional facility and show proof with: 1.A printed receipt with the facility name, address, phone number and itemized services (mount, balance, tire disposal, etc.) and 2.Proof of payment for Install. HAND WRITTEN receipts will NOT be accepted.
NOTE: Some tires are naturally NOISY on the road and must be broken in before they quiet down. At the same time, some inexpensive tires are noisy as well. Also, Winter tires tend to be more noisy on the road as their composition/materials are different AND they tend to be a 'heavier' tire. This is NOT a reason to exchange tires and request will be denied. Please research the tire brand and specific model prior to buying.

*If I make a mistake and clearly send out the wrong item, you must contact me IMMEDIATELY. You will NOT be charged for Return Shipping or charged a Restocking Fee.

You must cancel your order the same day it was placed. Cancelling an order after that will result in you having to pay a restocking fee if items are not kept in stock by me OR a return shipping fee for items that I do keep in stock being as though I ship my items out as soon as payment has cleared. Meaning that if you place an order with me at 9am, by 4pm it has already been packed and ready for pickup/dropoff to either USPS, UPS or Local Delivery Service. Please make sure that you want an item before placing an order.

Certain items that may be discontinued or those that have been used on project vehicles may come up for sale at a greatly reduced price. These items are deemed non-returnable and/or non-refundable as they are FINAL SALE or AS IS items. This means you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN THESE ITEMS OR RECEIVE A REFUND! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Merchandise Credit:
There are NO merchandise or store credits!

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Orders, Shipping, Returns and Exchanges:

Q: Why do you use PayPal instead of another Online payment Service?
A: I feel that PayPal is the most secure payment System for me to use at this time Online.

Q: Why do you not accept money orders?
A: I don't accept money orders because they must be received and then cashed and funds deposited into account prior to anything being done with the merchandise. This could also cause problems when an item is low in stock and it takes a week to receive and cash the money order. The item could then become out of stock and now the customer wants a refund. It could just complicate things that don't need to be.

Q: Why do you use only USPS, UPS or Local Delivery Service to ship your products?
A: I think these are the three best shipping companies to use in order for you to receive your items in a timely and efficient manner.

Q: Why do you charge Flat Rates instead of on a weight/size basis?
A: I do this because it will actually save you money! If there is a flat rate, I won't have to necessarily worry about size and weight. For most items, it will be the cheapest rate and the best rate overall. And for most of the items that I currently ship, flat rate is better AND you will get your products faster.

Q: Why do I have to wait 7 to 14 business days before I ask about my order?
A: 7 to 14 business days is a standard when waiting on an item simply because an item may mave been out of stock, shipping times may have been pushed pack, overload of orders, etc. Any one of these things can cause a delay, therefore I use this standard time frame.

Q: What do I do if 21 days have passed and I still have not received my order?
A: Email me immediately so that I can figure out what the cause of the delay is.

Q: Why can't I return an item that I installed and used for a month and decided I don't like it?
A: I feel that after 7 days of having an item that you initially ordered, 7 days should suffice in deciding whether or not you like it. In addition to that, items that have been installed are now considered Used. Therefore I must greatly discount the item in order to get it out of my inventory system.

Q: Why do you not offer Warranties on items not manufactured by your company?
A: I do not offer warranties being as though I DID NOT manufacture these items. The manufacturers (the people who actually make the products) are responsible for the function of their items. They set various standards as well as warranty information that I CANNOT uphold. Meaning, the manufacturers know the limits and or extremes to which their products are capable or not capable of and although I am familiar with the items that I sell, it is the manufacturers, not GyrlSpeed Racing Team Performance who must stand behind the ACTUAL quality of their products. Also, if an item has been known to malfunction and I am aware of it, I will not carry that item. *See GSRT Warranty Page for info regarding GSRT Products.

Q: How do you know all the answers before we ask the questions?
A: Because I am The Boss!!!!

If you still have questions that I have not been able to answer using the information above as well as the Frequently Asked Questions section, please feel free to contact me using the Contact page or by email directly at: