GyrlSpeed FLAT:
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Okay, so what exactly is GyrlSpeed FLAT? It is a concept that I thought of while going through my own website on how I can make the buying experience a little bit more fun for customers? Then it hit me: How about customers tell me what part(s) they want and what price they want to pay including shipping? GENIUS!!!!!! Sounds good? Great! Let's move on to How it Works.

How Does It Work?:
First, you (the customer) submits the request to me for a specific or several parts (through a form) with all the information you know about your vehicle (Year, Make, Model, Trim, etc.) and within 24 hours, I will respond with one of FOUR things: I Accepted the Request, I Declined the Request, I need more Information or I need more Time. Easy right? Right! Next is what each of the four responses mean...

Your Request Was Accepted:
AWESOME!!! This means that I have found your part(s) at the price with shipping you have requested. Now I will ask for your PayPal(R) email so that I can send a Request For Payment. Once you send payment, I will begin to process your purchase and your item will be shipped to the address that PayPal(R) has on file.

Your Request Was Declined:
Don't worry, just because your request was declined doesn't mean I can't find what you want. It may be that what you're looking for is not in the price range you chose. Usually, I will respond with the lowest cost ABOVE what you requested to pay.

Your Request Needs More Time:
This just means that the part(s) requested need more research to get you the best deal. I will add how much time I need and you can either accept that or decline it. (See, it works both ways!)

Your Request Requires More Information:
Sometimes the parts reqested are dependent upon specific things on your vehicle. For example, to choose the right brake caliper for your vehicle, I may need to know what size wheels are on the car or truck because a 17 inch wheel may require one size brake caliper while a 15 inch wheel would require another. Knowing this will make sure I give you the right part(s) from the start.

What Type of Parts Will I Receive?:
Now that you know how it works, I'm sure you'd like to know what the condition of these parts will be. Almost ALL of the parts will be BRAND NEW and will vary in hundreds of brands available on the market today. You will find out the brand when you get the box. The main thing is that you will know the CONDITION of the part(s) PRIOR to going to the next step. If it is a part that is hard to find, it may be Refurbished or even used in working condition. Again, you have the option to accept or decline as well.

What is the warranty?:
The Warranty for all parts is 14 days from the Date of Confirmation from the shipping company that delivered the part(s). I know, I know but by picking your price, you do lose the option of choosing various warranties. My guarantee is that the part(s): will FIT, BE OF QUALITY and at the price you want INCLUDING shipping!

What is the Refund/Exchange Policy?:
The Refund Policy is simple. You have 14 days from the Delivery Confirmation from the shipping company that delivered the part(s) to contact me requesting a refund. You are responsible for returning the part(s) in the same condition as they were received. Once I verify that the part(s) arrived in the same condition as sent, you will be issued a refund through PayPal(R). If parts were installed, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. You will be able to exhange the item under the Warranty option. The same goes for the Exchange Policy with the following exceptions: Brand may be different than what was originally sent in as item may currently be on backorder, no longer available, etc. Item may also take longer to exchange if it was USED in working condition. PLEASE NOTE: After 14 days, there are no returns, exchanges or warranties!

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FAQs:(Frequently Asked Question):
Q: Why can't I pick the brand I want my part(s) to be?
A: The reason why is because honestly, I would more than likely get ridiculous requests. For Example: Someone requesting a new set of Akebono front brake pads for a 2017 Mercedes Benz S550 for $19.99. This would be a waste of time, therefore, picking a price you are comfortable paying makes more sense.

Q: Why is the warranty only 14 days from Delivery Confirmation?
A: There are two parts to this answer. First is to guarantee that when you order your part(s), they will be installed within a short amount of time. This keeps the machine moving as I would not have parts constantly coming in because six months later, someone decided they did not want parts and wants a full refund of something that may be discontinued, obsolete, etc. Secondly, this will allow me to accept TONS of requests at low costs for parts instead of allowing warranty issues that would keep costs high. You as the customer already know what you want from the products you are requesting, so warranty issues should not be a factor. If they are, again you have the time frame to have it replaced under warranty. Here is an example: I cannot offer lifetime warranty on brake pads that cost you $15 shipped AND I don't know if you replaced rotors WHICH by not doing so could cause the pads to wear faster than normal. You would be replacing the pads every two months which would surely slow down the process.

Q: Why can't you send my part(s) to an address different that what PayPal(R) has?
A: Please check with PayPal(R) to find out why this option may not be available to you.

Q: Why can't you issue a refund immediately because "it's my money and I need it now?"(R)(TM)*
A: Refunds have to be verified! I have to make sure the part(s) have not been mangled because it was installed incorrectly and now the customer doesn't want it or even cannot install it themselves. So once a part is verified in the same condition as sent, refund is sent. Please keep in mind that all parts were checked and verified and inventoried prior to shipping.

Q: Do you price match?
A: No.

*Gyrlspeed Racing Team Performance in part or as a whole does not claim to own any rights/copyrights, trademarks, etc. to the slogan: "it's my money and I need it now"