K&N Oil Filter (K&N-HP-1008)

K&N Oil Filter (K&N-HP-1008) Image

K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter. These K&N Premium high flow oil filters are the best! Why? Not just because I say so but because they actually do what they say. For one they are extremely durable. How do I know this? Well, I could not crush this filter taking it off like I was able to do to a pretty well known standard filter. Thanks to it's thick shell, higher oil pressures don't effect it as it would a less superior filter thus keeping it from bursting. Secondly, it filters about 99% of junk from getting through the filter. Another kool thing that I love about these filters is the K&N Premium Wrench-Off® detail. These filters have a 1 inch nut at the top which makes getting them off super easy. If you can't get to the filter from the side with an oil wrench, then the nut is perfect to use with a socket and wrench. I could not recommend a better filter and coupled with a good premium or synthetic oil makes a great combo for your engine. Color is White. Shipping is $4.00. Part# HP-1008. PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS ITEM FITS BEFORE ORDERING.

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